Logistics and Supply chain management


The college continues to realize the European Union Erasmus+ projects.

Mr. Bostian Urbankl from the Ljubljana School of Business (Ljubljana, Slovenia) has visited us under the program of academic mobility of scientific and pedagogical staff. (https://www.b2.eu/)

He has given a course of lectures for our students "Logistics and Supply chain management"

Bostjan Urbancl has 10 years of working experience as a purchasing manager at the multinational company Gorenje.

His main responsibilities were: purchasing market research, search and evaluation of suppliers, global sourcing, new product development projects, implementation of SAP information system, business negotiations, different cost and process optimization projects, value analysis, building partnership with suppliers, coordination of work of colleagues. Now he has been working as a lecturer at a business school B2 d.o.o. in Ljubljana. He has been teaching different subjects in the field of Supply chain management.

Staff mobility for training supports the professional development of teaching and administrative staff

It provides the development of involved institutions through participation in training events abroad and monitoring the work of specialists, training during the mobility period.